Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reason # 54 that I am not a shopper....

Finally.... Michael agreed that he needed to update is clothing options. Since I have known him, he has not spent money on clothing. We hit a few stores and he found some really great clothes. Of course, I felt the need to find myself something new! At the last store that we went to I tried on something and then left to show Michael the outfit. I was stopped by a lady who wanted my opinion on her shirt. If you know anything about me I am not a good person to ask about clothing advice. I told her that it complimented her, she seemed happy with that response so I left. After showing Michael my outfit I returned to the dressing room where someone had taken over my room. I was so confused, I had never had that happen to me before. I had no clue what to do so I knocked and the lady said, " Someone is in here," I responded, "I know, my clothes are in there." She pulled open the door and rushed passed me like this whole thing was somehow my fault. I wanted to say, "Seriously, you didn't notice that my crumpled up clothes on the bench?" Once I retrieved my clothes I left to check out Michael's new "camo shorts!" In his 31 years of living he always wanted to be cool enough to wear camo shorts... he is. I gave him the once over and approved his purchase, I went back to find a new dress. I returned to the dressing room to try it on, I reluctantly left my dressing room unattended while I showed Michael my dress. About fifteen seconds later I returned to my dressing room where someone else had taken over my room. Being a pro at this sort of thing, I gave the door a confident knock. This time however, the lady would not be bothered. So, she just threw my clothes over the outside of the door! Whatcha gonna do? As if my experience hadn't been entertaining enough, I run into the first lady who had asked for my opinion...she needs my assistance yet again. This time it was not so easy. The shirt was awful! I guess I made a face because she said, "Oh, you don't like it." My response..."It's not my favorite choice on you." What does that even mean? Who am I Randy Jackson? Uh that's not your best shirt choice dog, I am just not feeling it dog. She then proceeds to go into her dressing room to pull out five more shirts to see if I thought those would look good on her. I am standing there very awkwardly I might add, telling this lady those would look good, I don't like that one as much. Seriously, do I look like a person who should be asked about fashion? In the end I bought some new things for spring and Michael made some very good purchases as well. Be on the lookout for his camo shorts, appearing this Spring and Summer 2009.

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